This is about adding strength to all your walks.

You will learn that Nordic Walking can add  power
to your walk.

San Diego
Nordic Walking
Jeff DeMeester
has been working
with some of the
latest and most
up to date
educators of a
growing exercise
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I use poles to hike up
Cowles Mountain here in San

This is to  train for my yearly trip to Jackson Hole
Nordic Walking helps me to keep fit for skiing and
hiking around the
Grand Tetons.

During my hikes in San Diego I noticed that many
people were not using their poles efficiently.
I started doing  research and began to take courses
Keenfit,  Fittrek,  Leki,and the American
Nordic Walking
Association to become an
I now offer Nordic Walking courses.

Beginners will like how easy Nordic walking is"

The hardcore will be amazed at how much you
can get out of it"

Nordic Walking engages the whole body.
Have you ever wanted to cross country ski?
Have you ever traveled into the back-country on
cross country skis?
One of the most important tools used to ski are the
poles. The poles are used for balance and to propel
you forward. That is where you engage your whole
body, and that is why top Nordic ski teams are
using poles to train in the off season. That is the

The casual walker will discover how easy Nordic
walking is. You will feel as though you are not
working as hard during your everyday walk but you
will increase your heart rate and burn more calories.

The extreme walker and hiker will be amazed at
how much you can get out of your walk, hike or even
The poles lesson the impact to your lower body at
the same time add resistance to your upper body,
burning more calories and building muscle.

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